Correctional Institutions

PRO-Techs Technology

MRSA is a serious health threat throughout the country, more deaths in the US are now resulting from MRSA, than from AIDs1. MRSA, which is spread through open wounds, is known to have killed seemingly healthy young adults in as little as 72 hours after infection. MRSA outbreaks have occurred at several correctional Facilities, due to the higher prevalence of MRSA among inmates compared to the general public and crowded living conditions. Taking steps to prevent infections among inmates and Staff saves money compared to treating them. Correctional Facilities that have implemented an infection control plan, have reduced occupational infections and saved over $93,000 in workers’ compensation costs from 2007 through 2010.2


Are you concerned about odor, fungus, bacteria and germs? As an added benefit, Pro-Techs, once applied creates a permanent barrier that destroys odor molecules, all bacteria, all germs, all fungus and all viruses on contact.

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